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 Emotional Support For Mental Health

There are times throughout our life when we find things difficult and struggle to make sense of the way we are feeling. We may feel stuck and unable to move forward. Counselling can support you to work through your emotional pain, distressing thoughts, uncomfortable feelings or destructive behaviours, enabling you to find your own solutions and identify what you would like to get from your future.

I will offer you my empathy, acceptance and non-judgement, working at a pace that feels safe and comfortable to you.

It isn't easy taking the first step and putting your trust in a counsellor, but you don’t have to feel as though you are facing this challenge on your own, as I will be by your side as we take this journey together.

Although it may not always be possible to change your circumstances, learning to develop coping strategies can help build your emotional resilience and enable you to empower yourself.

Taking those small steps towards positive change can lead to big changes in our lives.  

Last updated July  2024

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