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Calm Sea

“I feel that I have got more confident as the weeks went by. I have actually made plans for the future. I would  never have done that 6 months ago”


Forest Trees

“Im extremely grateful for your support and help to cope.”


Purple Flower

“Its been a really difficult part of my journey but it needed to be done. Rebecca was supportive and she gave me the space I needed to work through everything. I have been helped in all areas of my life”


Yellow Flowers

“My self-esteem has improved enormously. Counsellor was absolutely fantastic.”


Flower Buds

“She was incredible. Worked through my issues, gave me a new perspective on life, overall a very positive experience for me.”


Pink Blossom

“Rebecca listened with great patience as we unravelled my problems. It helped me come to terms with my changed circumstances. It has been a most rewarding experience. It worked for me. Many thanks.”



“Rebecca was really helpful, keeping me on track, got me to understand myself more, I’ve come a long way, she was absolutely brilliant.”


Rose Flower

"I now feel more in control of my emotions."


White Lillies

"I can’t thank Rebecca enough for the help and support she has given me."



"Rebecca provided a safe and trusted environment, listened and understood things from my point of view, accepting what I said without judging me."


Winter Scenery

"Rebecca made me feel really at ease and comfortable. The person centred approach was really helpful and allowed me to discuss things that I felt I needed to and allowed me to lead the sessions. 


"I’m really grateful for all the support Rebecca has provided me with; not only have I learnt some really useful coping strategies for my anxiety, but Rebecca has also helped me understand more about the anxiety I experience and more about myself. I would really recommend Rebecca’s counselling services. "

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